Clicks operating
profit up


seven-year consolidated income statement
for the year ended 31August


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These are group results which include the results of the Australian operations from 2002 to 28 December 2003 and Intercare Managed Healthcare (Proprietary) Limited from 2002 to 1 March 2004.
The results of the Clicks Retailers (previously Purchase Milton and Associates) group of pharmacies have been consolidated since 1 March 2004.
3. New United Pharmaceutical Distributors was acquired with effect from 1 January 2003.
The operating lease accrual was applicable from the 2004 financial year. The results for (and including) the 2004 financial year have been adjusted in accordance with this interpretation.
5. The goodwill impairment in 2004 related to the pharmacies acquired in that year.
As the group applied IFRS for the first time in financial year 2005, the seven-year review information incorporates IFRS-adjusted financial information for the 2005 to 2008 financial years only. Information in respect of earlier financial periods remains that reported in accordance with SA GAAP.
The income statements include the results of the Discom business unit disposed of during September 2007 as if part of continuing operations and not as discontinued operations.
8.  For an explanation of terms used, please refer to the Definitions section of this report.