GRI Index

New Clicks reports according to the sustainability guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). This table indicates where the core GRI indicators have been addressed within the annual report and also states where an indicator has not been assessed. Management has adopted an incremental approach to reporting under the GRI and plans to increase its compliance over time.

GRI reference Core GRI indicator Description
Vision and strategy
1.1 Vision and strategy Group strategy and targets
1.2 Key impacts, risks and opportunities Risk management report;
  Sustainability report
Organisational profile
2.1 – 2.10 Organisational profile Group highlights; Group at a glance
Report parameters
3.1 – 3.4 Report profile Annual financial statements;
  Corporate information
3.5 – 3.11 Report scope and boundary Annual financial statements
3.12 GRI Index content Sustainability report
3.13 Assurance External assurance not sought
Governance, commitments  

and engagement
4.1 – 4.10 Governance Corporate governance report
4.11 – 4.13 Commitments to external initiatives Sustainability report
4.14 – 4.17 Stakeholder engagement Sustainability report
Economic performance indicators
EC1 Economic value generated and distributed Value added statements
EC2 Financial implications of climate change Not assessed
EC3 Defined benefit plan obligations Annual financial statements
EC4 Financial assistance from government Not applicable
EC6 Spending on locally-based suppliers Not reported
EC7 Hiring of local labour Not applicable
EC8 Infrastructure investments and services Not applicable
Environmental performance indicators

EN1 Materials usage Sustainability report
EN2 Percentage of materials recycled Sustainability report
EN2 – 4 Energy consumption Sustainability report
EEN11 – 12N8 – 10 Total water consumption Not reported
EN16 – 23 Biodiversity Not assessed
EN26 – 27 Emissions, effluent and waste Sustainability report
EN28 Products and services Not assessed
  Compliance Corporate governance report
Social performance indicators  

Labour practices
LA1 Total workforce Sustainability report
LA2 Employee turnover Sustainability report
LA4 – 5 Labour relations Sustainability report
LA7 – 8 Occupational health and safety Sustainability report
LA10 Training and education Sustainability report
LA13 – 14 Diversity and equal opportunity Not assessed
Human rights
HR1 – 2 Investment and procurement practices Not assessed
HR4 Non-discrimination Not assessed
HR5 Collective bargaining Not assessed
HR6 Child labour Not assessed
HR7 Forced and compulsory labour Not assessed
SO1 Community Not assessed
SO2 – 4 Corruption Not assessed
SO5 – 6 Public policy Not assessed
Product responsibility
PR1 Customer health and safety Not assessed
PR3 Product and service labelling Not assessed
PR6 Marketing and communications Not assessed
PR9 Compliance Corporate governance report